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Lucas Entertainment says: Ever since the little white Russian muscle-twink Klim Gromov got a taste of the Pheonix Fellington’s incredible body and the big black cock, he’s been hungry for more.

Because of this, he took the first chance he got to service the cock of his fellow Lucas Entertainment exclusive model, Andre Donovan.

Klim keeps his bareback boy hole tight and clean for his tops’ enjoyment, and Andre is especially pleased when slamming Kilim’s ass until he’s ready to shoot his load. Read the full story here

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Lucas Entertainments says: James Castle usually prefers to top in his sex life, but from time to time he gets the itch to feel a big, raw, and dick in his ass. One particular desire to take cock bareback came over James when he was hanging out with the sexually dominant Alejandro Castillo on set.

Alejandro is already making a reputation for himself as a no-bullshit top, and that turns James Castle on big time. Before James gives over his ass to Alejandro’s needs, however, he sucks on the top’s uncut cock and doesn’t skimp on attention to the foreskin. Read the full story here

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Lucas Entertainment says: Marco Antonio has an insatiable sexual appetite he’s always looking to get his huge uncut Venezuelan cock worked on by the wet mouth and tight hole of an eager and submissive pussy bottom.

Double that with an alpha male like Sir Peter, so when Marco Antonio and Peter team up, they get into plenty of bareback trouble.

Silver Steele, Allen King, and Valentin Amour submit their asses for the pleasure of Sir Peter and Marco Antonio, and these two tops don’t show any mercy when they fuck. Read the full story here

Michael Lucas and Lucas Knight

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Mikoah Kan and Cam Christou


Lucas Entertainments says: Mikoah Kan is a power bottom and he isn’t ashamed to admit it. Sure, he can flip fuck when he has feelings for the man he’s with, but he prefers to feel a cock up his ass.

Cam Christou is totally cool with topping his partner, but the chemistry between these two hot guys sparks so much that they throw off the roles of top and bottom and just enjoy their time with each other.

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Cam Christou, Nigel Banks and BJ Rhubarb

Nigel takes Cam and BJ’s raw cocks at the same time!…… Read the full story here

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Derek Parker, Marcus Isaacs and BJ Rhubarb


Lucas Entertainments says: It’s probably hard to get anything done around the office when the guys there look like Derek Parker, Marcus Isaacs, and BJ Rhubarb. Sure, they make sure the office functions good enough, but with someone like Derek Parker in charge, trouble always begins when the day winds down.

He grabs BJ’s hand and rubs it on his hard-on through his slacks. Derek whips out his cock for BJ and Marcus to suck, and the hotter the action gets the faster their work clothes come off. Read the full story here

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Lucas Knight and Brent Alex


Lucas Entertainments says: Brent Alex pays a visit to Lucas Knight’s photography studio to have some nudes taken, but he needs some inspiration in order to feel more comfortable.

Lucas is happy to help him out: he takes off all of his clothes, which in turn lets Brent know there’s nothing to worry about.

After a few shots in the nude, Lucas pulls a Terry Richardson and decides the photos would look better with his dick in Brent’s mouth.

What ensues from here? Lucas looses the camera completely, bends Brent over the equipment rack, and fucks him bareback.  Read the full story here

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Lucas Entertainments says: Jonah Fontana is back for more action, and this time around he wants to get his dick wet in Ashton Summers. Here’s the question, though: how easy will Ashton give it up to Jonah?

You don’t have to look far for the answer the minute Ashton gets a look at Jonah’s handsome face and hot body he’s sold, from fellatio to rough and raw anal sex.

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