Missionary Boys says: Young Elder Taylor Reign visits older Bishop Trent Summers for a purification ceremony Bishop Summers undresses Elder Reign removing his shirt and pants getting him to lie totally naked on the altar. Elder Reign’s thick soft cock quickly becomes fully erect as Bishop Summers drips the holyContinue Reading

Missionary Boys says: President Lewis has booked a meeting with Alder Taylor Reign for what is called a worthiness exam. The meeting starts with President Lewis asking Taylor some personal questions starting with, “do you have unclean thoughts?” Young Taylor answers truthfully, “yes sir.” “Any sexual contact with your companion?”Continue Reading

Missionary Boys says: President Trent Summers has called young Elder Kai Masters in for a meeting to discuss his appearance. Rumors have been flying that Elder Masters has got himself several tattoos. The President asks that Elder Masters undresses and shows him the offending ink. He helps Elder Masters offContinue Reading