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Island Studs says: Clyde is a friendly straight South Carolina blue collar redhead with a big white ass and a big thick cock who works naked collecting branches in a sunny Oregon field beside the forest, before busting a big load of jizz on camera for the first time.

Check out Clyde’s red furry nut sack and red dick hair as he works in the bright pacific northwest sun, wearing only garden gloves and shoes as he moves the wheelbarrow through the high grass fully nude.

Listen to this sexy blue collar country boy speak about women and talking about his big dick with a thick southern accent as he jerks his cock standing in the beautiful Oregon forest.

He has a thick smooth blue collar body, a hard cock with a big head that scoops up to this navel when fully erect. Still dirty from all his sweaty garden work, horny Clyde sits down outside in the sun to jerk his hard cock and plays with his hairy heavy nut sack.


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Sexy Puerto Rican Jeno 9 inch uncut cock latin uncut biker shoots tons of cum!

Island Studs says: Jeno the sexy Puerto Rican – Italian surfer with the smooth muscle body is back stroking his curved 9 inch uncut cock on his big motorcycle. Since his first shoot Jeno has been hitting the gym 3-4 days a week and is looking even more ripped & buff. Check out the tight muscles and ripped 8-pack abs on his smooth hairless latino boy body.

Jeno loves to show off his beautiful tan body. He starts by giving us an erotic striptease outdoors on camera. I work hard, I like to take care of my physique, he says standing naked with his foreskin in one hand and his skim board in the other. What a mouth watering uncut giant dick. His smooth dark brown skin glows in the hot Hawaiian sun as he poses with his surf board, flexing his arms, pecs and rock hard abs.

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Watch as this sexy surf dad Tadman as he spreads his sun burned butt wide open and strokes his rock hard cock


Island Studs says: Rugged handsome 42 year old furry California surfer Tadman says in a deep seductive mature voice as he walks fully nude past other beach goers toward the ocean carrying his surfboard.

Tadman exposes his lick-able sunburned muscle daddy man butt for all to see as he walks into the water on the public beach in Hawaii.

Surf dad Tadman is totally comfortable showing everyone on the public beach his naked, tan, athletic body and wide white big daddy butt.

Furry surfer Tadman is just so sexy to watch, paddling out on his long board with his super white man butt fully exposed, shining in the bright afternoon sun.

After his naked surf session, Tadman lays out in the sun fully naked on the sand to relax as people walk by – all caught on video here.

Watch as this sexy surf dad spreads his sun burned butt wide open and strokes his rock hard cock between his tan thighs.


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Island Studs roommates Chris Pryce and Chuck go nude white water rafting in Oregon


Island Studs says: Popular Oregon rafting guides and roommates Chris Pryce with his smooth body and big ball sack and his roommate, bearded furry Chuck, take us on a totally balls-out nude white water rafting adventure in the Oregon mountains.

We go underwater as these two sexy jocks go cliff diving and skinny dipping in the crisp river. Once again another hot straight duo with these 24 year old room mates with killer, all natural bodies, stripping fully naked in their inflatable raft by the banks of a wild river in Oregon.

Captain Chris Pryce and his First Mate Chuck are real white water rafting guides in Oregon. Listen to Chris tell us about his first CaNuding adventure when he was just 16 years old and naked with a large group of Nudist men and women.

His naked lunch story is priceless. These two hung native Oregonians are not shy about being photographed naked together. In high school they would often go camping in the nude together. They are the ‘perfect pair’ of dicks: Chuck’s is thicker and Chris’ is longer.

This friendly pair are constantly joking and telling stories throughout this exciting nudist film. This CaNuding adventure is for anyone who likes watching nudist outdoor action. Watch as they paddle to a raw rocky cove and climb up the boulders to a platform and begin to jump into the raging river fully nude.

Feast your eyes on every inch of Chuck’s furry face and body as Captain Chris films his roommate from underwater. Chuck, 5’11” and 155 lbs, has a thick cock that slaps against his hairy thighs as he dives into the River. Chris, a tall, 6’2″ and thick 185 lbs, has a huge low hanging nut sack that dangles and bounces around his white football thighs as jumps into the river below.

We learn Chris’s huge ball sack is infamous in Oregon. All their college buddies are astonished by the size and weight of Chris’s massive balls.


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Latino Rico


Island Studs says: Latino Rico is a sexy furry/hairy chested Latino lover. He’s showing off his ripped 8-pack abs and amazing uncut Venezuelan dick in a beautiful Hawaiian rainforest. Rico is a totally ripped jock who runs, walks and climbs naked through Hawaii’s tropical jungle. As with most uncut Latin men his huge uncut cock has a long thick foreskin which he plays with throughout.

Hearing Rico speak in a heavy macho voice with a deep Spanish accent will just make your heart melt. As he climbs a tree completely naked and then calls out to his dog up to join him up the tree, his “girl” climbs up after him. The climb shows off Rico’s thick thighs and strong muscled arms. A bit like a young Tarzan boy he pulls himself up tree vines and hangs upside down nude in the tree, exposing his athletic muscle butt.

Rico displays all the marks of the seasoned outdoor acrobatic athlete that he is, jumping on rocks, climbing fences and trees and running naked in the forest. After all the nude fun Rico cools off in a cold jungle stream. His glistening tanned ripped body shiny from the water.

Rico is an ab lover’s wet dream and his big uncut South American cock dangling menacingly between his legs, looks impressively thick with his foreskin showing off his huge bell end.

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