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Extra Big Dicks says: Michael Stax and Jacob Stax are identical twins and have decided to participate in a Twin Study to make some extra cash. They are in the waiting room of the Clinic Office discussing what is going to happen. Jacob is nervous about the study, but Michael Stax seems a little more relaxed about it.

They are both giving a sperm donation as part of the study and wondering what it will be like when they go into the back. Just then Cesar Rossi comes into the room and asks for Michael to come to the back with him. Once in the exam room, Cesar tells Michael that they will be doing a flaccid and erect measurement of his penis as well as collecting the sperm sample. Read the full story here

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Extra Big Dicks says: John Magnum is alone in the bedroom stroking his big cock when Scott DeMarco brings Jack Andy, who is blindfolded, into the bedroom for his surprise. He quickly realizes that someone else is in the room and when he feels the big cock, he gets excited and starts stroking both John & Scott.

Soon he is on his knees sucking both of their cocks while still blindfolded. After a while he removes his blindfold and is excited by what he sees. Both John & Scott then share Jack’s big cock between them for a while before all three climb on the bed. Read the full story here

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Extra Big Dicks says: Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello have just returned from getting their STD Test Results and are both super excited because after many years together, they are going to make love bareback.

They agree that as lovers they will only go raw with each other and when playing with others they will use condoms.

Soon they are naked and Rego is sucking on Alexander’s big uncut cock. They then move to the bed where they continue sucking each other’s big cocks in a 69. Rego then moves to Alexander’s ass and starts rimming him. Read the full story here

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Extra Big Dicks says: Osiris Blade is interviewing Sean Duran for the new office assistant position that just opened up. Sean is multi tasked and wants to show Osiris how great he is at his new job.

As Sean is taking notes of certain procedures that he must follow Osiris begins to walk towards him while pulling on his cock which is beginning to bulge from his pants. Sean looks up and Osiris kisses him which shocks Sean but once Osiris tells him that if he wants a good raise he needs to pull out his big cock. Read the full story here

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Extra Big Dicks says: Tommy Defendi is hanging out with his buddy Mario talking about this guy he met at the park whom he ended up fucking in the bathroom stalls.

Tommy begins his story with how he was at the park waiting for a friend when this guy Braxton Smith walks by and starts checking Tommy out.

Tommy is sitting on a bench and Braxton is staring at him when he turns around and shows his ass off to Tommy. Braxton gives Tommy the head nod and he follows him into the bathroom where Tommy face fucks him and bends him over the bathroom trash can to fuck that tight ass. Read the full story here

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Extra Big Dicks says: Rafael Cruz is in his uniform in the workroom putting some laundry into the washing machine when Cesar Rossi walks in. They share a little small talk and then Rafael realizes that his uniform smells. He decides to throw it into the wash with the other stuff and strips down naked.

When he asks Cesar if he wants his uniform washed, Cesar is just staring at Rafael’s fat cock hanging between his legs. Noticing, he asks Cesar if he likes what he sees and then Cesar drops to his knees and starts sucking it and we get to see it grow to its full uncut length. Read the full story here

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Extra Big Dicks says: Mark Winters is scrolling through his phone checking out some really big dicks on the internet. He’s always been scared of the big cock but he really wants to try one out. Mark is a college student and really horny for a big dick.

As he’s looking at his phone his buddy Brett Bradley shows up to say hi and sees his phone with a ton of big dicks on it. Brett becomes intrigued and tells Mark that his cock might be bigger than the ones on the net. Mark’s ears perk up and he decides that he wants to try Brett’s big dick out. Read the full story here

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Extra Big Dicks says: Max Cameron and Trey Turner have finished their workout and are about to enjoy a nice hot shower, when Trey notices that Max has a very nice scent coming from his arm pits. He buries his nose and tongue into Max’s ripe pits which is obviously turning him on when we see his huge cock protruding from underneath the towel wrapped around his waist.

Max begins stroking it as they make out with each other. Trey tells Max that he really wants to fuck him, but Max says ‘I told you, I don’t know if I can handle it. It is such a big cock.’ Trey assures him he will be gentle and coaxes him into agreeing to try. Read the full story here

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Extra Big Dicks says: Jace Chambers and Javier Cruz are sitting in the locker room and Jace is telling him that he is recently single and does not know what he is going to do. Especially with all the Gay Pride festivals and parades happening.

Javier is just staring at Jace’s cock which is noticeable in his workout shorts. When Jace notices that Javier is not paying attention to what he is saying, but rather his cock he knows exactly what to do.

He pulls it out and Javier starts sucking him. He then sucks Javier’s beautiful uncut cock before rimming his tight ass. He then fucks Javier with his big cock long and deep. Read the full story here