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Bromo says: Bo Sinn doesn’t want to cooperate when nurse Marco Bianchi comes in for his physical therapy, but not because he’s grumpy… because he’s horny.

Bo’s big, bandaged dick is hard and wants attention, especially after he checks out Marco’s muscle ass.

Marco leads Bo to the special physio chair and removes the bandage from his cock.

But when he goes to take his patient’s temperature, Bo decides it’s Marco’s turn in the swing.

Bo pushes him down and then fucks his mouth. Read the full story here

Lorenzo Flexx turns bottom boy Dane Stewart around and fucks him bareback doggy style

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Bromo says: Hairy, buff boy Lorenzo Flexx wants nothing more than to command his new, sexy bottom bitch, Dane Stewart.

Lorenzo pours a bottle of water all over him, demands he get naked and start sucking on his big, curved dick until he’s gagging on it.

Once primed and wet, he turns Dane’s bottom around and fucks him bareback doggy style.

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Hot big muscle hunk Ryan Cage’s huge thick cock bare fucking young twink Ricky’s hot hole

Bromo says: Big muscle stud Ryan Cage is in the gym lifting some weights when cute young twink Ricky offers to spot for him.

It is clear from the get-go that little Ricky is more interested in the contents of Ryan’s over full crotch bulge.

As Ryan Cage does some bench presses, Ricky starts rubbing the fit top’s huge muscles.

Ricky licks Ryan’s biceps and sniffs his musky armpit, then worships the musclebound dom’s whole body with his mouth before sucking his cock.

Ryan lets Ricky lick his pecs and nipples, then fucks the twink doggy style over the weight bench. Ricky rides the top, then cums as Ryan pounds him in spoon. Read the full story here

Hot muscle hunk Trent King’s big black uncut cock bareback fucks bearded stud Jeremy London’s hot bubble butt

Bromo says: Hot black stud Trent King arrives back to find his roommate bearded hunk Jeremy London fast asleep on his upper bunk.

Trent is super horny and as he strips off his t-shirt and shorts his huge erect black uncut cock springs into view, pointing upright like a rocket.

Trent sits on his bed and wanks his cock with a stroker. Unbeknown to him Jeremy is awake and he sneaks a peek at his roomie’s monster cock as he jerks away silently below.

All this man wank action turns Jeremy on and he can’t help but watch and listen before he jumps down from his bunk to surprise Trent catching him as he masturbates. Read the full story here

Hot tattooed muscle hunk Bo Sinn’s huge dick barebacking sexy stud Skyy Knox’s hot bubble ass

Bromo says: Skyy Knox’s car is giving him problems so he takes it to the local garage.

There he finds hot tattooed muscle hunk Bo Sinn stroking his big dick and he can’t help but get his hands on the sexy mechanic’s huge dick.

Bo sees Skyy checking out his big crotch bulge and even sniffing and licking his toy, so he gets out his cock while asking the bottom to pass him a wrench.

Sky sucks Bo’s dick and balls, then Bo fucks his mouth hard and deep before pounding his ass doggy style. Read the full story here

Trucker Ryan Bones’ huge thick dick bareback fucking beefy muscle hunk Markus Kage’s hot bubble ass

Bromo says: At the truck stop, beefy muscle hunk Markus Kage is wandering around the rigs looking for a good time. He’s horny and he catches sight of trucker Ryan Bones smoking a stogie, killing time.

He likes the look of the tattooed muscle man and heads towards the bathroom. Once they are both inside Ryan slips his big thick dick out of his pants and Markus feasts his eyes.

Ryan then pushes Markus against the wall and gets him on his knees. Markus slobbers down Ryan’s big cock.

Ryan makes Markus lick his boots and even steps on his face then motorboats Markus’s hairy ass and tongues his hole. The dominant top fucks Markus doggy style, reaching around to stroke his cock. Read the full story here

Big muscle tattooed hunk Bo Sinn’s huge dick bareback fucks young dude Felix Odair’s smooth asshole

Bromo says: Tattooed muscle hunk Bo Sinn is lurking in an alleyway in a dark raincoat, he’s nursing a huge boner. Who knew he was a flasher waiting for his next victim to show his huge dick.

When he arrives at the voting station when he sees election clerk clean-cut young stud Felix Odair jerking his big cock all alone during a quiet spell in voting.

Bo decides to give Felix a fright when he suddenly appears from nowhere and opens his coat showing him all that he’s got.

Felix gets hard and tries to top Bo, but Bo picks him up and carries him to the table where he fucks Felix’s mouth. Read the full story here

Hot tattooed stud Bo Sinn’s huge cock bareback pounds Markus Kage’s hot muscular bubble butt

Bromo says: As Bo Sinn packs the bundles of cash into a duffel bag he thinks he’s committed and got away with the perfect crime. However, security guard Markus Kage spots him on the security cameras and surprises Bo as he leaves with his loot, before manhandling him into the office.

But Bo spots that Markus has stolen some of his ill-gotten cash into his pocket, he turns the tables and pushes Markus back falling to his knees to suck his huge dick.

But when Bo spies a stack of his ill-gotten cash has made its way into Markus’s pocket, he turns the tables and pushes Markus down on his knees to suck his cock. Read the full story here