21 year old Price jerks his thick dick to a huge cum explosion


Spunk Worthy says: 21 year old Price is a proud Midwestern boy who loves to hunt, fish, and all those good things. He managed to find his way out to San Diego for “work.” If the haircut doesn’t give away what line of work he’s in, I’ll let you think about it for a sec.

Price had always thought about doing porn, and one random night decided to start poking around online to see if he could find a way to do it. Him, along with a buddy. Or two. They all submitted applications together, so we might be seeing some of them down the road, too.

It was hard not to notice how tall Price is when we first met up, he towers over everyone, standing at 6’5″. When we started shooting photos, I asked what girls usually picked out as his main feature. I figured it might be his height or his big brown eyes. He took on a bit of a coy smile when I asked.

“Actually, they usually comment on my dick. They like how thick it is.”

Normally, I might have taken this as a bit of vanity. But once his clothes were piled on the floor and Price had worked his cock up, I could understand why it was so memorable. You can bet that the ol’ measuring tape came out for this one and, yep, it’s a solid 6 inches around and just about 8 inches long.

Price seems like a bit of a wild one and an instigator (hence getting his buddies on board to do porn with him.) He told a story about being on a high school swim team trip when he and three of his teammates did a jerk-off race together in the back of a bus while some girls cheered them on. He didn’t win the race, but that didn’t seem to phase him. Just that he’d participated, or, more likely, that he’d started the whole thing off in the first place!

For his porn debut, Price really wanted to make sure he did an extra good job so he held off from masturbating for 5 whole days. He even had gone out the night before, met a girl, and told her he couldn’t have sex because he had a porn shoot the next day. Now, that’s dedication.

And it seemed to pay off. The pool of cum that Price shot out onto his stomach was pretty impressive.


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Czech Hunter 211


CzechHunter says: I was in the mood today for a real guy. My friend tells me always: try someone who is a bit more mature with a great body.

So that was the aim. And it didn’t even took me too long to find the right guy. But I must admit I was a bit shy at the beginning though it was not too difficult to start the conversation.

I told him that I work on a social-media-project. We were talking about his job etc. He was a carpenter and self-employed.

And as his income varies a lot I was sure that some extra money would come handy. But when I offered him 1 000 CZK if he shows me his dick he immediately wanted to finish the conversation and went away.

But I was persistent and followed him. And as I thought all was basically a question of money.


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Fit Young Men

Alex Salisbury stripped to his sexy underwear

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Next Door World

Quentin Gainz sucks Dante Martin huge cock before flipping him over and eating his smooth ass hole

Next Door World says: Quentin Gainz wasn’t always the Next Door stud that he is now. At one time, he was just a scared and curious guy, too nervous to even know what he was doing. But he always had that body, and Dante Martin knew it before anyone else.

Watch as Dante shows Quentin the ropes, breaking him in as they sneak in some quality time while Dante’s parents are downstairs. Dante guides him as Quentin realizes his fantasies, sucking Dante off before flipping him over and eating his hole. Read the full story here

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Falcon Studios

Hottie young hunk Josh Moore’s huge cock splits Devin Franco’s tight bubble ass cheeks

Falcon Studios says: When it’s time for his morning routine, Devin Franco walks into the bathroom to brush his teeth and finds Josh Moore finishing up in the shower. Josh is trying to get ready for work but can’t resist the sight of Devin looking sexy in his undies.

Josh gets out of the shower, his rock-hard body still dripping wet and the two begin to kiss. Devin drops Josh’s wet towel and things start to get even steamier as Josh goes down and makes out with Devin’s hot hole. Read the full story here

Sean Cody

Hottie muscle studs Sean and Angelo hot bareback big raw cock fucking

Sean Cody says: Tatted-up, muscular Sean shows athletic Angelo a thing or two in the Sean Cody weight room as they pump some iron in nothing but their tight briefs.

These hotties flex their muscles and caress each other’s asses before heading back to the bedroom where Angelo moans with pleasure as Sean strips him down to his birthday suit.

After sucking Sean’s cock, Angelo gets treated to having his hole first licked and then teased by Sean’s big cock before the burly top gives Angelo what he wants. Read the full story here


Czech Hunter 499

CzechHunter says: We got a call from a guy who got fucked by my friend Martin some time ago. The guy was bringing his friend so it looked like we were going to have a nice threesome. I got to the meeting point and there things got complicated.

First the dude came late and then his friend screwed us over big time. He didn’t come because he couldn’t shake off his girlfriend. Tomas still wanted to make money and I wanted to fuck someone so we made a new deal.

Tomas became such a slut since Martin destroyed his ass. He was actually looking forward to fucking his friend and was really disappointed about being there alone. Still, he didn’t mind taking care of my needs. Read the full story here

Dylan Lucas

Spencer Whitman fucks Austin Ryder in a couple positions blowing his cum load all over his sweet ass


Dylan Lucas says: Austin Ryder is hanging out at his Uncle Spencer Whitman’s pad, lounging about shooting some FB IM’s to a friend. His Uncle comes outside to check on him and sees him on the phone. His Uncle Spencer has his shirt off to reveal all his manly chest hair.

Austin has his shirt off as well with all his lovely young man hair out for all to see. Spencer can’t believe how hairy Austin is and begins to rub his chest. Austin loves the way it feels and slides his fingers through his Uncle’s hairy chest too.

Austin can see that Spencer is getting hard so he takes advantage of it and pulls down his Uncle’s pants to reveal his uncut thick cock. Austin begins to suck him off stroking and licking every inch of his dick. Spencer is enjoying his nephew servicing him so much so he lays him down on the couch outside and takes his young cock deep into his mouth.

Sucking and playing with his young smooth balls Spencer spreads Austin’s legs wide to reveal his sexy smooth hole and then begins to rim him deep. Austin can feel his Uncle’s wet tongue swirling around his tight eager hole. He can’t take the teasing no longer and wants his Uncle to fuck him in the bedroom.

They head back into the house making out and fondling each other every step of the way. Spencer spreads that young ass wide and far than pushes his hard uncut cock into that ass pumping slowly at first but building up speed until his balls are slapping that sexy ass.

Spencer fucks him in a couple positions but finally blows his load all over Austin’s sweet ass. Austin lays on his back as his Uncle services his balls until his load is released all over his very own hairy chest.


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Hot horny NY hooker Diego Sans fucks the cum out of his sexy client Jordan Boss

Men-com-sexy-naked-men-Diego-Sans-hooker-cum-Jordan-Boss-hot-load-mouth-hardcore-ass-fucking-anal-rimming-tattooed-muscle-hunk-001-gay-porn-tube-star-gallery-video-photo says: When Diego Sans is refused an acting role as a hooker he decides to show he is the man for the part by transforming himself into a real New York City whore. Diego fucks the cum out of his sexy client, Jordan Boss, before he shoots his hot load into Jordan’s mouth.


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Lucas Entertainment

Leo Alexander bareback ass pounding Logan Moore


Lucas Entertainments says: Logan Moore knows what he wants, and it’s Leo Alexander’s cock. Not even 30 seconds into the beginning of the scene and he moves his hand over to Leo’s meat while they’re making out.

It’s obvious he’s sizing it up by touch, trying to figure out how exactly he’s going to handle it. After all, the length and girth of Leo Alexander’s penis has become a legend in a very short amount of time.

But how exactly does Logan make out taking Leo’s dick? Well, after touch he measures it with his mouth and realizes it tastes as good as it looks you can see some of this action at the 2:45 time stamp. Logan eventually summons the courage for a bareback ass pounding, and at 16:40 you’ll hear his moans, which tell you all you need to know.


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